Let’s Unveiled

Hey People,

Finally, I am here to share all the mess I have experienced since my childhood, which unintentionally provoke me to be a motivation for those people, who can bring change in themselves. This blog will be all about how I feel. My reviews, thoughts, prose and poetry will be just a gateway to this destructed soul. My journey of words, My journey of understanding, My journey of failure and My journey of immaturity will be on their way through this blog.

                           “I’ll rise like break of dawn

Rising from your own ashes makes you strong, beautiful just like a phoenix, born with  new wings, with which you can only fly high. Our failure gives us that rise, hope, and strength to face the challenges.

So, I am here to unleash my inner freak with some words that will make stories from those shattered dreams.

I welcome you all,

with love in my own zone,

Tom’s Own.



The Bride

Under the open sky
on the rocky mountain
I felt the very verge of my life
torn, humiliated, wasted
for what
mere words
that bound men to their honor
I was wasted for words
the river was fast so my heartbeat
the time near so the death in me

I wish
I never was bought to this place
that I adore all my childhood
the pride of ancestral place
a place that, once my father hold
I was born and raised in plains
but will be dead in the mountain range
I wish I never think of
being a bride
that is woman only pride

Goodbye, My love in vain


Love is not in vain

for how many times,

I told her

I love you.

She never trust,

never left those illusions,

Her cage,

I begged her,

Made her sure,

My Love is not a game,

This is not a thing,

she never cared,

she never believed.

She let me go,

But I stayed.

Saw her going back to the prison,

Where she only write with the poison,

that runs through her vein,

That killed our relationship,

“Goodbye, My love in vain.”




Important things for successful life:

A constant failure, a very bad luck, depressed soul and an optimistic will .                                Yes! the  dots are in no way harmony to the events that happen, don’t look back if you don’t believe that they will meet. They will connect you to what you have become today.

 “Our Today is always a long lasting story of our past and future.”

Golden Rule


“Do not do to others that you don’t want others, do to you.”

A very simple quote, yet it is so strong that it can bring our senses back. Our lost senses, sense of being compassionate, sense of being humble, sense of being kind, sense of being Human. We have lost everything that makes us human being. The question is where we have lost it?

Maybe in being too much religious, too much modern, too much egoistic and in too much prejudice. Yes! we are no more we, it’s now all about “I”. What I think, What I do, and What I believe. We have lost the sense of co-existence somewhere in the darkness.

Co-existence, living together, together in peace, accepting each other with all the differences and issue that make us different. A simple phenomenon which is well, outdated now.

In-date is the fact that the people are no more concern with the pain, they give to other fellow beings. They do know about their own pain but have less sense about others pain.The strange feeling is in the air, that everybody is inhaling. Someone is being cruel to some other living being and people just record those *very precious memory* and post it on Facebook, blogs, Insta etc. No one dares to stop them, Like why should they. *****Chills

Beating a dog, Jumping on the belly of a pregnant goat, pouring acid on lil puppy, starving cat and choking other animals with ropes .. Wao! I am going to get good top viewing. Yay! Let that Bastard do that, I am not having a big nose to interfere in his matter. ****Again Chills

The world is full of animals but there are two types of animals. One is actual animal, animals and other are social animals. Social animals are favourite, interesting like hell. They are the animal but in a very socialised way. The eat, sleep, pee and the best thing they talk. A very socialised language for communication.

Half of world population is scared of animals, half is scared of social animals, half raise voices for the animals and other half raise voice for social animals. Rest are just busy catching Pokemon.

We forgot our true sense of living, a purpose of life. The purpose that makes us truly social being. That purpose is a thread like difference, that takes us from being a social animal to social being. We are human, we bear humanity and we should keep ourselves to the premises of humanity.